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Christopher Proia


Florida Senate 33

Housing - Healthcare- Helping Neighbors

 Working man for the people


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Ready to work for you!

I’m Christopher Proia. I’m a working class man tired of seeing elites destroying our state and I’m running for Florida State Senate 33. I’m fighting for affordable housing, affordable healthcare, and cleaner habitats, and I’m all about helping our neighbors.

My vision is to make Florida a better place for working-class people. I'm gonna do that by being friendly and firm in the Florida Senate to pass legislation for the people.

I’ve worked for years in the nightlife around Southwest Florida as a comic. I definitely put in my share of hard work on the stage and during the day job driving trucks.

I'm a real Florida Man (in a good way!). I grew up in Southwest Florida, work here, and take care of my mom and brother. As a working man, I know how disruptive disasters like Hurricane Ian can be. Being out of work, even for a short time, wreaks havoc on a household budget. Not to mention how hard it is to get supplies or evacuate if you are already low on cash. We rely on our neighbors and our leaders in a time of crisis. This is why we need to elect people who understand the struggles of everyday Floridians.


I think it is important to bring people into the political process. Working people are often too busy taking care of business to play politics. Unfortunately, when you are not at the table, you are often on the menu! I want to bring you to the table. Have conversations. Get involved in issues that are meaningful to you!

I can't wait to earn your vote and to hear what's important to you! Be sure to sign up for updates from my campaign so you are the first to know about the amazing events we are hosting. Together we can make our community great!

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