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To the undecided District 33 voter, Chris Proia may not be a familiar name. Unlike other politicians that rely on big-mouth partisan advertisements, Chris prefers to spend his time within the communities he intends to serve. Incumbent John Martin has neglected Fort Myers residents for the past 2 years. When called to action on issues that affect the greater Lee County Area as a whole, Senator Martin remains complacent. Chris understands the needs of Fort Myers and Cape Coral first hand. He dedicates himself to servant leadership in his daily life and aims to provide the meaningful non-partisan care that Senator Martin has failed to provide thus far. This campaign isn't about political party or affiliation, rather, it's about understanding and respecting the beliefs and addressing the concerns of ALL Fort Myers and Cape Coral residents indiscriminate of what party they adhere to. Chris emphatically believes that you can not sell away the safety and rights of your community, rather than accepting large donations from corporate fat-cats to push a subliminal agenda, Chris remains unphased by individuals that don't have Lee County's best interest in mind. 
Modern Housing Complex
Housing First, actually affordable housing, people over profit 
Preservation of natural areas to protect local species, addressing climate change realities
Helping Neighbors
Chat in the Courtyard
Working for the people to improve our community and quality of life
Patient with Healthcare Nurse
Universal access to healthcare, end medical bankruptcy, invest in prevention
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