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Chris Proia Announces Community Poem

Artists are invited to contribute lines to a poem as part of the Florida Freedom Tattoo Project

Fort Myers, FL – On September 29, 2023 Florida Senate Candidate Chris Proia launched the Florida Freedom Tattoo Project at Howl Tattoo in Fort Myers (4160 Cleveland Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33901). The first phase of the project, the Community Poem, is now open for submission through November 15, 2023.

The Florida Freedom Tattoo Project is a year-long project that will connect poets and artists, as well as tattoo and freedom lovers. The concept for the project comes from the 2014 Lexington Tattoo Project. The project includes a series of events between now and November 2024 to highlight the components of the project including the collaborative poem, the tattoo design, the tattooed, and the audio-visual finale.

“We are so excited to launch the Community Poem as part of the Florida Freedom Tattoo project,’ says Chris Proia, Candidate for Florida Senate 33. “There are so many fantastic artists across Southwest Florida and we want to hear what they think about Freedom and Florida.”

Contributions to the Community Poem have an opportunity to be part of the final poem that will be tattooed on participants during the next phase of the Florida Freedom Tattoo Project.

Ready to be a part of something amazing? Join us to learn more about the most exciting community project Southwest Florida has ever seen. Combining poetry, artistry, and our love of freedom the Florida Freedom Tattoo Project will be an incredible one-of-a-kind experience for all. Those interested in learning more about the Florida Freedom Tattoo Project are encouraged to subscribe here

People can submit their poems online at Please limit your submission to no more than four lines and have at least one line be a summation. Submissions become the property of the Committee to Elect Chris Proia with attribution to original authors. All submissions will be subject to editing, review, and change. Entry into the contest does not guarantee incorporation into the final poem.

Christopher Proia is a 2024 Democratic Candidate for Florida Senate 33 serving Lee County. He was also the 2022 Democratic Nominee for Florida Senate 27. Chris is a working-class man, driving trucks and landscaping. He also entertains and connects with our community as a stand-up comic. He believes we need people in Tallahassee ready to work for the regular folks, putting people over profit. Christopher Proia is fighting for housing, healthcare, and helping our neighbors.


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