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Florida Senate Candidate Chris Proia Announces Unique Community Project

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September 25, 2023

Florida Senate Candidate Chris Proia Announces Unique Community Project

The Florida Freedom Tattoo Project will connect often-overlooked groups to politics

Fort Myers, FL – Tattoos and politics? They may not immediately go together, but Florida Senate Candidate Christopher Proia thinks there is a connection.

“Many people nowadays express themselves with tattoos, even if older generations look down on them. I think there is room for everyone in politics, like our community,” says Mr. Proia.

On September 29, 2023 at 6:00 pm, Chris Proia will launch the Florida Freedom Tattoo Project at Howl Tattoo in Fort Myers (4160 Cleveland Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33901). The concept for the project is like the 2014 Lexington Tattoo Project. The event is the beginning of a year-long project that will connect poets and artists, as well as tattoo and freedom lovers. The project includes a series of events between now and November 2024 to highlight the components of the project including the collaborative poem, the tattoo design, the tattooed, and the audio-visual finale.

“I wanted a way for my friends from my work in the Southwest Florida nightlife scene to feel connected to politics because it affects them too,” states Chris Proia.

He goes on, “With the Florida Freedom Tattoo Project we have people contributing poems and music, tattoo artists creating a meaningful image, and people coming together around something they had a part in – it’s really community development that goes beyond partisan politics. We are asking people to talk about what freedom means to them and the other issues that are important in their lives.”

Ready to be a part of something amazing? Join us to learn more about the most exciting community project Southwest Florida has ever seen. Combining poetry, artistry, and our love of freedom the Florida Freedom Tattoo Project will be an incredible one-of-a-kind experience for all. Come learn about the project, listen to some amazing live music, and participate in our democracy!

The Florida Free Tattoo Project Kickoff Event is on Friday, September 29 from 6:00 – 9:00 pm at Howl Tattoo in Fort Myers (4160 Cleveland Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33901). The event is open to anyone with a ticket purchase. Tickets for the event are $20 and include 2 limited selection drinks. Proceeds from the event benefit the campaign of Chris Proia. Tickets are available for advanced purchase online ( or at the door.

Christopher Proia is a 2024 Democratic Candidate for Florida Senate 33 serving Lee County. He was also the 2022 Democratic Nominee for Florida Senate 27. Chris is a working-class man, driving trucks and landscaping. He also entertains and connects with our community as a stand-up comic. He believes we need people in Tallahassee ready to work for the regular folks, putting people over profit. Christopher Proia is fighting for housing, healthcare, and helping our neighbors.

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